Behind the Name

Photo by Miranda Kulig
I have always loved dandelions. Growing up, something about the idea of a yellow little flower sprouting into a bunch of fuzzy seeds was just fascinating to me, as was plucking said flower, making a wish, and blowing the seeds far, far away. I've never seen dandelions as weeds, but wishes.
“Make a wish, sweetie.”
The second the woman spoke, my entire being ached with a sickening sense of grief and longing. She held a dandelion in her hand, the once yellow weed a sprouted ball of white fuzz. The man kissed her temple as she placed the dandelion in my hand, a soft noise that sounded like a giggle bursting from my lips. I felt the light rush of air escaping my lungs and watched the scene fade into a hundred specks of dandelion fuzz.
This excerpt is from the first chapter of Unperfected, and is the description of a dream my main character experiences. When I first wrote it, I included a dandelion simply because it was the first thing that came to mind. I thought I would go back and change it to something else later, but I never did. The dandelion stuck, and actually became a symbol of sorts. More often than not, my protagonist feels scattered and lost, much like the seeds of a dandelion when they are blown away by the wind, and in her case, the wind is her life. When the seeds are blown away, they spread and plant new dandelions, just like my protagonist rediscovers herself at the end of the book and becomes a new person.
The best thing to do is to turn yourself in right away; that way the Dreams will have less time to consume your mind. The longer you wait to remove them, the harder it is to do so.
This excerpt is also from chapter one. The Dreams are a disease that everyone gets at some point in life, generally after the age of twenty-five, and play a very, very important role in the life of my main character, and the whole book in general.

So yeah. Dreams and Dandelions. Not only are these two concepts elements from my first novel, but they are also two things that a very important to me. Dandelions because they are wishes, and dreams because without them, I'd have nothing.

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